• Not too spicy hot pot usual, start with how not to eat spicy food stand.
    Spicy hot pot doesn't like spicy taste or the taste for the first time user can eat: six points with small bowls of soup, add a little vinegar to neutralize hot, waiting for them to cool, up to about 75 degrees (about not piping hot degree); While waiting for a cool cooking ingredients, when the temperature is just right, picked up the material to individual small plates, each a small clip to a small bowl soak to cool and spicy, entrance will again enjoy delicious. Recommends that the first person do not overdose, and gastro-intestinal adaptation to good free food without interruption.
  • General Steamboat Satay can be used to flavor, eat spicy hot pot sauce deployment comes really taste it?
    Spicy hot pot soup already contains a variety of spices and peppers, different from the soup pot, need additional flavoring sauce to taste, recommended eating spicy hot pot does not require other seasonings to taste; According to different levels of spiciness to accept recommended to soup, garlic flower, white vinegar, and sesame oil to make dip.

    Ôôô spicy 1/2 soup, 1/2 garlic flowers, a little sesame oil
    Ôô   spicy 1/3 soup, and white vinegar, 1/3 Garlic flowers, a little sesame oil
    Ô     small spicy 1/3 1/3 Garlic flowers, white vinegar, a little sesame oil
  • When you eat spicy, which drinks to match appropriate?
    The spicy hot pot taste, cooking no need to mix drinks, or is accompanied by increased liquor taste; But the taste of beer, soft drinks and other loss, if needs the drink may drink again after the meal, I feel better.
  • I heard that spicy hot pot is high in calories, how to eat smart and healthy?
    Spicy hot pot as long as eating well, it's smart to reduce the intake of a lot of heat, so you eat is not afraid of putting on weight.
  • < Spicy Hot Pot Recipe >
    1. pity Dorado duck pot, vegetables, tofu skin with clear soup pot to boil, reducing fat intake. Also like seafood recommendations are also in clear a pot to cook.
    2. try not to drink the Spicy hot pot broth, oil with a spoon to remove, fire when oil ran to the pot rim, pick soup Shabu hot pot in the middle.
    3. the spicy hot pot broth over it, removing the oil import.
    4. add vinegar or oil instead of broth, to dilute the spicy taste.
    5. Fried ingredients and dumpling class, determination and guts calories recommended in moderation.
    6. try not to eat spicy hot pot, potentially infinite supply because ingredients, food can't be controlled, leads to eating too many calories, eating too much can easily lead to discomfort.