[Recommended] Spicy Hot Pot | Spicy Hot Pot Recommended You FQFPHOTPOT Have Not Eaten So Good Spicy Hot Pot

Jul 07 Thu 2011 14:08

Spicy hot pot recommend you when still at school many years ago had eaten a couple slices, I didn't dare to eat spicy food, a stream of tears (hot) side or get all the food into the mouth, because husband and wife lung slice of duck blood, tofu, meat is good eating! I can't eat spicy pain, forced to swallow hard food.

[Recommended] Spicy Hot Pot | Spicy Hot Pot Recommended You FQFPHOTPOT Have Not Eaten So Good Spicy Hot Pot

Spicy hot pot recommend you sliced beef hot pot
Dining date: 2011.07.05
Business phone: 02-2775-5201, and 02-2731-0223
Business address: Zhongshan district, Taipei City 168th, Chang-an East Road, 1/f,
Opening hours: 11:30-14:30, 5:30 noon until 5 o'clock in the morning
Official website: http://www.fqfphotpot.com.tw/

Afraid of spicy hot pot recommend restaurant the night more beautiful, we had a very early 6:30, brighter days when to shop! Yes, that's right! Today is directed at the concessions to Yes! Beef, pork, beef, beef tongue and other 12 kinds of ingredients, the second at half price! This never discounted again Niggaz is sliced beef, it has also made promotional action ~ haha! Presumably fewer people are eating hot pot in the summer? The opportunity to come and pick up a steal!

Networks have seen some people comment on husband and wife lung slice decoration if the new, beautiful spicy hot pot restaurants, but we don't care, we're here to eat, not to eat the decoration ...! Many guests leave the wine here Oh! Hehe

You see a big hot pot in the shop featured ostrich meat brand, secretly decided to try some! Ostrich meat is low in fat, low in cholesterol, low calorie, high protein! Appears to be suitable for dieters to eat meat Yes feeling sliced beef menu with no big changes for some years, in addition to the basic plus, is a lung, pig, ox tongue, yellow throat and rather special. Mala hotpot haven't come up yet! Good friends ~ dark plum sauce to spicy hot pot is sure to serve it! Old NIE dark plum sauce and salty and sour, good friend is definitely spicy hot pot! NT.100/can

We intend to duck at the outset, but can see Store Manager was not pleased! Dare say spicy, spicy soup is good!! Special delicious spicy Tang Cai ~ Hey ~ store long! Bai Guo alternately eating becomes the mala hotpot taste! Really don't know chilli spicy soup made of magic, with duck blood bean curd: super delicious! I repeated the fish stew was super tasty tofu eating, see others Marvel: do you not eat tofu? Not that I don't eat tofu! Do not eat tasteless tofu!

I eat one exclaim, my God!! I haven't eaten such a delicious duck blood! Exuberant but salty, tender and full of duck blood soup, so delicious, so delicious! We ate duck blood bean curd, plus a total of four or five, right? Staff was very generous, always help us ~ eat full full full pot and we have fun!

This day we select normal Scoville on our small hot for some spicy person, small hot spiciness happen, will not be choked is overweight, just eat a lot of things, first! Featured Hello Friend operator will definitely order of spicy hot pot! NT.80

In the spicy soup Shabu slightly for a few seconds as soon as pot, because I hate eating bad fried fritters! Eat I start yelling, rely on! I haven't eaten such delicious bread stick! Back to my love MK eat the store is a little disappointed, but sliced beef makes me eat super delicious smooth! And crisp, sweet, and fuel consumption are not, they are quite yummy! Going to friends of the husband and wife lung slice! Please recommend your old spicy hot pot fritters oh so delicious it!

Spicy hot pot recommend you beef (ox's back shoulder Prime grade) NT.320

The beef ... Large very absurd!! Pull up a face so big Ah ~ poof! Lay nearly half-covered pot!! So we rinsed at a time! Beef tasted good, I feel pretty good spicy broth, recently don't eat spicy Aiko is Shabu white pots also incredibly delicious, sweet flavor of beef get!

Spicy hot pot recommend  you beef tongue NT.320 local freshly slaughtered

Hey, Hey! This can be wonderful! They usually only see ox tongue burn the butcher's ~ once upon a time in the hot pot shop will see ox tongue? This is characteristic of husband and wife lung slice it! Slice super thin beef tongue, light rinse a few seconds, then got up, eat up Q, brittle, strange taste, taste very good! This is personal recommendations will point the menu!

Spicy hot pot recommend you beef NT.260

On the table I'm silly, portions seem to have too much ... Don't know if there is the same as bridgehead to sell half a serving? Otherwise, if two people come, a plate of meat, a plate of beef plus endless duck blood bean curd hung up, others do not eat!

Sliced spicy hot pot recommend (offal) NT.260 local freshly slaughtered

This bovine offal .... Really miscellaneous! Hybrid-I don't know who they are, and I can't figure out what to eat, what, in short, is the collection cow entrails!! Impressive is the tripe was cooked tender and Q, a very, very good, although I'm curious what circle is like a Sunzi in the dish, but not eat

Spicy hot pot recommend tripe NT.260 local freshly slaughtered

This tripe is delicate enough, staff a little rolled up into the pan for a few seconds, it can eat! ~ I think this kind of tripe black Super old Super nasty ... But is cooked too long, too!

Spicy hot pot recommend  that you manually combined pills NT.180

Visual shrimp balls, squid balls, watch website and found there are beef balls, balls, I eat is shrimp balls with Squid balls, both eat soft QQ Meatball, seafood is very big! Taste is of no added taste, not too crisp, too ... It's good!

Spicy hot pot recommend yellow-throated NT.150

Search the Internet for a while, yellow-throated is said to be "trachea", and don't Cook too long, ripe and hurried out, taste crunchy ... Texture almost elastic GUI bamboo shoots, a wonderful dish! Sliced beef is these strange things to have fun!

Spicy hot pot recommend white NT.280 local freshly slaughtered

The sauce was too sweet! Cooked with white pot Shabu, eat in the mouth it is full of happiness, Oh ~ I really pork ghost! Hot pot meat is to eat pork now!! The pork slices with spicy soup Shabu out become so exuberant, no sauce was delicious!

Spicy hot pot recommend bowel (intestine) NT.320 local freshly slaughtered

Sliced beef broth directly to defeat the AI MK I (should be the base relation), fat sizzle cooked up the large intestine, bean curd is not greasy, colorectal fragrance irresistible ... Heard that second half now is it? Really have the urge to add a plate!

Spicy hot pot recommend ostrich meat NT.320 from Chianan ostrich farms

Low fat ostrich meat really didn't see any essential oil, it really is a Dieter's best friend! Ostrich meat because the fat little, so we must note that the Shabu cooking time, seconds of color can get pot, didn't expect old taste, looks thin, tastes very tender ... Unexpected surprises!

Spicy hot pot recommend pig NT.260 local freshly slaughtered

Pig slices tasted like eating pork, but more brittle, pig I like halogen-free friends! Cut thick slices gnawing feeling well ~

Spicy hot pot recommend luffa NT.80

This is us in the soup boiled, sweet! Loofah in the summer: the best!

Today's food ... It seems like a lot? That's okay! Eight people ... Click on the empty!

Sister don't know where dog bile, when we eat it up, announced that he was adding tripe NT.260

Tripe proved the best points at the outset, although very tasty, but too short a time to Cook is not bad ~ bad idea! Forced to push! Want to eat tripe, my friend! Remember the first round would point to it! Or a waste of tasty tripe ...

Spicy hot pot recommend ramen NT.80 highly recommended, will! Do not regret!

First I saw face frowned and said: who eats here! Experienced travellers friends would say: come on! You take a bite, you know! Also clamoring for some ~~ doubtful threw down noodles, cooked!

Cook to enjoy their own hardness can be picked up, sprinkle with garlic flower, add a little dark sesame oil, mix a mix you can eat! Eat the moment I get it! Haha ~ this know eating noodles by hand, Q no! Irregular hand-pulled noodles wrapped in a thick noodles are spicy soup, sweet and chewing, so delicious! But I really explode, just eat a bowl of noodles, fish strong even in Kabul three bowls ... Know how delicious!

Finally, the store will serve traditional popsicle!! Yes I just picked my favorite plum popsicle, there are also pineapples, red beans, peanuts, and so on, said to have burst in his stomach, still baffled eat popsicles.

Calculated for our consumption

Spicy hot pot/duck pot pot 4 people 300 yuan, plus 50 Yuan (tofu, duck's blood can be appended, without service charge)

Eight of us total consumption amounts to 3,430, eating to fast to death an average of 429

Hotpot recommends that you eat cheaper price than to eat a single point mass, people call a good deal! But only until the end of August had such concessions, the second main courses at half price! I must go eat a few times prior to August!

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